21 April 2016

Lemurian Blue Star e-Mystery School of Advanced Angel Healing & Alchemy

Lemurian Blue Star e-Mystery School 2015
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What is/was a Mystery School?

As Grace F. Knoche said in her book originally published in 1940 by Theosophical University Press: “A Mystery school is a university of the soul, a school for the study of the mysteries of the inner nature of man and of surrounding nature. By understanding these mysteries, the student perceives his intimate relationship with divinity, and strives through self-discipline and devotion to become at one with his inner god”.

Over fifty years later I don’t think I could put this much better.  Although I might phrase the last few words as Oneness with All rather than “at one with his inner god”, but (aptly-named) Grace beautifully encapsulates in two sentences the principles of a Mystery School.  The only thing to add is that I believe this philosophy must now also encompass aiding others to perceive Divine Truth and Oneness.  As I have said previously, I believe the path to Divine Truth - or Way of Love & Light has two aspects: our Heart Quest is all about self-healing and opening the higher heart flower (this alone has many levels but we can progress and then return to this later). For moving further on the angels’ Way of Love & Light we transition to Soul Quest (the first level of my e-Mystery School) as we embrace the desire to use this sacred knowledge in an altruistic way to aid the healing of Mother Earth and All Life and her re-Ascension to her original vibration (of the Blue Star - Rigel - in the Orion system).

Why is this Lemurian Blue Star Angels e-Mystery School special?

It’s special because the drive right now is towards Ascension and beyond, to bring about a new era of Oneness with All, of peace and love and light, and the Seraphim Angels (whose ruler is Seraphiel) are one of the groups of Light Beings actively aiding Ascension.  Moreover there is a designated group offering this aid; it is the Ennead (Nine) of the Blue Star Seraphim with whom we work, along with other mighty angels, in the e-Mystery School. 

There was a time when it would have been thought laughable (or even blasphemous) to consider man could work with the Seraphim.  There are nine spheres of angels (Nine is the Ascension Vibration) and although it is not an exact science, Seraphim are usually placed at the ninth and highest sphere.  In the old days our vibration was, in general at least, so dense that if could connect at all with the angelic vibration, most of us couldn’t contemplate connecting energetically beyond the lowest two heavenly spheres: that of angels and archangels.  But by awareness, a firm belief in pushing the boundaries of previous accepted thought (for through will and intention anything is possible), and as Grace says, through self-discipline and devotion, or through what I term a genuine desire to further our own Soul Quest, we are now able to achieve and even hold continuously the Seraphim vibration. 

This is the Diamond Ray of Cosmic Spirit, the Creation Ray of Oneness that comes from Source/God/Goddess into this reality (with the Blue Star Sapphire/Saf-Fire Ray at its heart).  

In this Reality it devolves into the 12 Colours of Creation that give us life, health and the power to move back (if we so choose from heart) into that Oneness.  In this troubled polarity world where Oneness has been largely forgotten, what we can do is open our hearts and ask to be in that Oneness, willing and intending to use this to benefit All, and truly it can be done.  I, and my students and Affiliate Tutors, are living proof of this potential miracle. 

And if enough people do this, and achieve, through ancient mysteries, Heart Ascension, then it becomes a tipping point for Planetary Ascension.

To become an Advanced Angel Healing & Alchemist you can study the Lemurian Blue Star e-Mystery School, working with all Platonic Solids in turn and entering the Cloud of Knowing - Breath of Life Alchemy - see pic below from Love & Light Angel Cards: You work individually, at your own pace, with me personally and receive key sets of Angelic Light Attunements (in Templa Mar) to facilitate your transformation. This is what you learn in the first 3 levels. And if this sounds a bit
complex, well, if you are meant to study it (having probably done this before in past lives) your heart will understand (it works subliminally too) and your head will gradually catch up:

Level 1: Earth & Sacred Eden Tree of Metatron and Shekinah, with Bull of Alpha and Omega. Grounding, balancing, self-healing daily and creating Merkaba/Angelic Light Body (Six Vibration) for Personal Heart Ascension. This is how it all begins. Through the Star Gate to Unity Consciousness.This includes the Blue Star Ascension material. You may already be aware of the Sacred Geometry and how to re-connect with it, beginning with the simplest form, attaining balance and becoming One with Sacred Eden Tree. Now, helped by a host of angels, you build on your own Sacred Geometry (Six-Point Star - Star Tetrahedron), and Merkaba, aka Angelic Light Body – Key tool of Ascension andcan achieve a further leap of spiritual consciousness. When you’ve experienced this leap, you will be ready for the next one, which is to fly to the Blue Star with Thunderbird (Five-Point Star – symbol for spiritual alchemy) and attain the Ascension Vibration!

Level 2: Air – Breath of Life - & Thunderbird/Thunderbeing of the Blue Star; moving on from Star Tetrahedron (the first step), now expanding your Light Body through the Penta Star and Five Vibration and on to the Ascension Nine Vibration of the Blue Star/New Earth Star and of the Ennead of Blue Star Seraphim – key Ascension Light Beings). Five and Nine is the interaction of the Ascension Light Beings with mankind. This is about attaining the true harmony and balance implicit in Thunderbird. In this level you fly with Thunderbird and then, carrying the Blue Star Ascension Vibration back through the 44:44 Star Gate, return as a Thunderbeing to Eden Tree from where, linked to the 11:11 Star Gate as well as the 55:55 Star Gate, you can continuously manifest it for Earth and mankind. You preferably need to reach this level before attaining Affiliate Tutor Status.

Level 3: Fire and Breath of Life Healing with Octahedron - Soul Retrieval Light Work, with Thunderbird, Solar Lion, Dragon. As a Thunderbeing and holder of the Blue Star vibration in heart and soul, you now work on healing with the Seraphim Angels’ Star Fire Cones, and your Light Work moves to the Octahedron, combining Fire of Life Alchemy with Breath of Life. This Platonic Solid is key to all kinds of soul retrieval (both for mankind and for Mother Earth and the Nature Kingdom). With Amethyst Throne and Michael’s Light Sword, in Templa Mar, you aid the Angels Michael and Melchisadec by taking part in the Michael Mandate of Light for Earth Redemption, and so your own Soul Quest proceeds in this vital Light Work.

These three levels are packaged together at a fee of £444.00. Originally written from 2005 to 2010, they have recently been completely revised for the new vibration. (They also prepare students fully for the Atlantean Emerald Table Workshops.) Those who complete these levels can continue on to the Advanced Levels 4, 5 6 & 7, packaged together at a fee of £555.00. I have re-opened enrolments for a few weeks, having received new enquiries, then they will be closed again for the summer months, during which I only work with students already on the programme. Enrolments will re-open in autumn.
Sapphire/Saf-Fire Star Gate 55:55

15 April 2016

Angel Healing & Alchemy - Becoming an Angel Alchemist to aid the Angels & Ascension

Dear Reader,

Is your heart urging you to become an Angel Alchemist in 2016? Message me on Facebook if your heart sings when you read those words!

What does this actually mean? It means "waking up to your soul contract" and not just calling on angels, but actively assisting the angels to support mankind with the Ascension Programme* (returning to the vibration we had before the "Falls". You can kick-start this process NOW......

There are three steps involved in truly becoming an Angel Alchemist - as to the steps YOU need, it depends on whether or not you incarnated to be a Light Worker.


This is of course optional, yet most of us who are healers need to work on ourselves first, and really make those links to key angels, in order to spiritually fast-track. Have you read my new course-in-a-book: Angel Healing & Alchemy - How to begin? If you have you will have worked with Melchisadec and the Sacred Seven; I hope you enjoyed it. Or Are you working with my angel card trilogy (pic below), and are the cards you draw for yourself including Seraphiel, Metatron & Shekinah, Sanusemi, or Melchisade?. And if you have my Heart & Soul (pink) set, are you manifesting Thunderbird, Unicorn, Dragon or Dolphin, or else Amethyst Throne, Templa Mar or Rosa Mystica? All of these angels and cards denote a soul purpose in this life path involving Ascension.

SO, if the answers are yes and you want to read on, what is the next step in Angel Alchemy?


The Starter Angelic Light Body mini-e-Module is the next step that Melchisadec urges to spiritually fast-track: you can become an Angel Alchemist by learning how to re-create your Angelic Light Body via a 9-Breath Meditation. Nine is the Ascension vibration, and you move from Sacred Seven to Sacred Nine. Using Star Tetrahedron (3D = 9) and Seed of Life/Flower of Life (see pix), plus other sacred geometry, what you actually do is re-create your higher self's original Light Body (the Light Body you had before mankind’s various “falls from Grace”) which extends about 10 meters around you in all directions. This is a programmable Light field and the only thing that can hold you back then is your own limiting belief system! Because by taking this next step you also link yourself back into the sacred geometry matrix of the Universe itself: this means you attain personal Heart Ascension (aiding Planetary Ascension). You will also hold Seed of Life in heart, in a Diamond format with Seraphiel's help, and using this, plus loving will and intention, you can send out healing fractals to All. Sacred geometry and its numbers contain much mystery. Apart from the Sacred Law of Three of Hermes Trismegistus (he is involved in this, although he is not in the meditation itself), the course is about the sacred geometry and Dance of 6 & 5. If you have my published works, including the Harmony Angel Cards, and/or Angel Healing & Alchemy: How to Begin – Melchisadec, Sacred Seven and the Violet Ray, you will already know about the Five Pointed Star of Microcosm (man’s spiritual search for The Creator) and the Six Pointed Star of Macrocosm (All That Is: whole, complete, perfect). If you don’t already know, you will learn about this during the course.

Nine is the vibration of Ascension; this course teaches a guided, daily self-healing and balancing meditation around Numerology of Nine. In the 9-breath meditation we work with the star tetrahedron which has 8 points and a central invisible 9th point, corresponding to a 9 major-chakra system. As you work with this you are raising your own vibration accordingly, therefore if you commit to the meditation, it leads to a huge expansion of spiritual consciousness as well as a deepening connection with all these angels; you are also doing a powerful, daily self-healing.  Later 9 moves to 12 & 13 in the e-Mystery School, see next section, in which Sanusemi, Mirabiel, Mazuriel and Ophaniel soon become involved....


The third step in becoming an Angel Alchemist is to study the deep stuff - in 2004 I started developing my Lemurian Blue Star Angels e-Mystery School, guided by Seraphiel, ruler of the Seraphim, and Sanusemi of the Nine (Ennead) Blue Star Seraphim aiding Ascension. You can msg privately on Facebook to request the information sheet on this, as right now (spring 2016) it is actively "calling" those here to do this work. Please do not fail the angels if this is why you are here in this life. I am not saying it will necessarily be easy! But if you signed up for this aeons ago, NOW IS THE TIME!

As well as swiftly expanding spiritual consciousness to the level you had before in past lives (for you will be an ancient soul) you will gradually be taken deeper and deeper into the arcane Angelic Mysteries as you work with each Platonic Solid and more advanced Light Body sacred geometries. I can promise also that you will be transformed totally; some issues in life are resolved and others "fall away" to allow your swift spiritual development, and your remembrance of your own ancient wisdom; your reward is that you will fulfil your soul contract that you would have agreed aeons ago, and so move much further on the angels' Way of Love and Light!

Love and Light always

Angela McGerr

23 March 2016

By Angela McGerr


Healing with Camael's Creation Red plus Uriel's Fire of Life and Creation Orange, for root and sacral chakras, and Machidiel who assists your focus for 2016 goals.

In this exercise you can work with Machidiel’s guidance until 20th April, beginning with Camael’s Creation Red which is the foundation to All; remember each time you heal all chakras to a new vibration, you begin again at root chakra.  Work also Creation Orange with Uriel (pic above, from Harmony Angel Cards (first in my angel card trilogy) for sacral aspects: transformation, innovation, creativity, sensuality. Then move this energy through heart towards head to give you focus for change.

  • Camael’s Creation Red is for Root Chakra, security, foundations, confidence and courage, while Orange of Uriel is for the sacral chakra, for the physical organs of sexuality and digestion, plus it also powers your creativity, innovation and your potential for self-transformation.  New beginnings reside within these chakras.
  • The symbol of sacral chakra is the orange sphere of Uriel, angel of fire.  Here you have two overlapping spheres that are actually the Snakes of Wisdom (Ouroboros), meaning that Wisdom has no beginning nor end, for the end is but a new beginning.
  • The angels ask: do you genuinely seek to attain a new level of Wisdom?  Will you apply this to help heal self, and then All (for this is what healing wisdom entails)??
  • If so, invoke Machidiel and breathe in deep breaths of his strong energy, breathing out this energy also, until you feel filled and surrounded with Angelic Light.
  • Next invoke Camael saying the words “let Love and Creation Red give me firm foundations on which to build", then breathing in Red for root chakra, grounding this Red in the heart of Mother Earth to help heal her foundations also; she will return this to you magnified, in gratitude to aid your own healing.
  • Then invoke Uriel saying the words "let Love and Creation Orange flow into me". 
    • Feel the orange flowing in like living flame into sacral, and the process beginning to heal and regenerate this part of your body. 
    • Visualise your sacral chakra glowing with orange fire
    • Will and intend this to birth new beginnings to be birthed from sacral chakra
    • Ask for true power of Fire of Life - cleansing/healing root and sacral chakras and sending the flame to the surrounding digestive organs, to cleanse and purify them and to help with any disorders caused by stress and anxiety
  • Now send this energy up to solar to cleanse this chakra. If you feel further blocks you may need to invoke Raphael also to heal solar and work separately at this. (See my new book: Angel Healing & Alchemy - How to Begin - Melchisadec, Sacred Seven & the Violet Ray. Raphael is one of the Sacred Seven)
  • Next, if you are able, and the meridian is clear, take the Fire of Life up to heart and on to head, where Machidiel's focus returns to aid you towards planning your spiritual and physical life goals for 2016.
  •  Finally breathe all of this tawny energy out into your aura, where the vivid Creation Orange and Red signal to the Universe that you are ready and willing to firm your foundations to allow for change and innovation.  
  • Ask Machidiel, Ruler of Aries, to help you be clear about your goals during his Zodiac Sign, helping you to recognise opportunity when it comes.
  • Remember to always send Love and Light and thanks to all the angels you invoked.
    Camael, from Harmony Angel Cards

23 February 2016

Blog Part 2: Lemurian Blue Star e-Mystery School - Intermediate/Advanced Angel Alchemist Training for Light Workers

Enrolments open March 2016 only for:
LEMURIAN BLUE STAR e-MYSTERY SCHOOL; this is a unique course whose development was guided by Seraphiel, Sanusemi, Metatron & Shekinah and may especially "call" those with past life connections to Dolphin (Cetacean), including Sirius and Pleiades. Take Intermediate and/or Advanced levels to learn a complete Light Work system. (Can be studied up to 7 levels, or just to the Intermediate Levels 1-3 which also prepare for the Atlantean Initiation Workshop of Hermes Trismegistus). This individual, self-study internet course firstly majorly aids Ascension and then teaches specialist Light Work involving healing with Earth/Air/Fire and Water, including soul/soul fragment retrieval and heart grail. Also healing of your ten subtle energy bodies (see Love & Light Cards) with Sacred Geometry of Spirit, 12, 13, 72, 144). 

Seraphiel Ruler of the Seraphim Creation Angels
If you are already doing Light Work with angels, and have worked with my cards and books, which are telling you that you've had past lives in either Lemuria, or in both ancient civilisations, you can enrol directly into the Lemurian Blue Star e-Mystery School Levels 1, 2 & 3 to study with meInitially msg Facebook (angelamcgerrauthor to enquire about this. If not, you can always take the Starter mini-e-Module first.

Intermediate Levels of Lemurian Blue Star Light Worker Training
  • Level 1 - Restoring Earth's pure template - Star Tetrahedron Light body - Becoming One with Sacred Eden Tree: Earth, Grounding, Oneness with All, Angelic Light Body with Crystalline Diamond Heart Geometry of Heart Ascension. Also with some remedial energy work for healers, plus Malachim Healing Glyphs, Mystical Animal Devas.
  • Level 2 - Air/Breath of LIfe: Ascension to the Blue Star of our origins (unfallen Rigel), you gain a higher vibration Angelic Light Body as you fly with Thunderbird to the Blue Star and  return asThunderbeing of the Blue Star, carrying the Saf-Fire vibration from Orion, so helping to restore the original vibration of Earth (and Venus's) origin. Allows Blue Star Saf-fire energy to be grounded and manifested continuously for Mother Earth, Nature Kingdom and All Life. Plus further remedial self-healing for Light Workers.
  • Level 3 (Fire of Life and Cones of Star Fire). This Octahedral Angelic Light Body level is for Soul Healing/Soul Fragment Retrieval Light Work, yet also includes methodology for healing of damaged (through bloodshed) fabric of Mother Earth herself. It may especially draw those from Fire of Life, Celtic/Dragon, Lion or Solarian (Children of the Sun) origins. 
  • These three levels: £444.00 inclusive of the unique Angelic Light Attunements  given in Templa Mar.(can also prepare students fully for the Emerald Table Initiation of Hermes Trismegistus, which crosses the series at Rosa Mystica.

Advanced levels of Lemurian Blue Star Light Worker Training
  • Level 4 (Water of LIfe and Heart Grail) Completes the restoration of Earth's pure Eden Tree Template through Heart Grail, and Moon aspects aid balance of Divine Feminine. May especially draw those with Water of Life (Dolphin/Cetacean/Pleiades) or Swan (Cygnus) origins. Contributes greatly to balancing of Ascension of this Water World and mankind (80% Water). 
  • Level 5 (Rosa Mystica 1*) This is Spirit - the doman of the Seraphim Star Angels of Creation. Work directly with the Seraphim. Draws those here to do Advanced Light Work (with Quinary and all Spheres of Angels; healing of the first 5 subtle energy bodies). *Heart & Soul and also see Love & Light Cards - Shekinah Suit
  • Level 6 (Rose Mystica 2** - the Unseen Heavens and 144,000 Light Beings of Ascension, healing of the higher 5 subtle energy bodies) **See Love & Light Cards Metatron Star Gate Suit
  • Level 7 (The Sword and the Grail, re-balancing Divine Masculine/Feminine with Metatron & Shekinah (and a host of others) towards restoration of the Divine Trinity)

  • £555.00 inclusive of the unique Angelic Light Attunements  given in Templa Mar.
PLEASE NOTE, IF CERTAIN ANGELS ARE GUIDING YOUR ATTENTION TO THE e-MYSTERIES (especially any of those mentioned in the above summaries).  This is a brief outline of what is contained in the e-Mystery Course Modules; if your heart is telling you to enrol it will because you have drawn cards about this from readings in my Angel Card Trilogy: Harmony Angel Cards, Heart & Soul Angel Cards, Love & Light Angel Cards. If your heart urges you to learn more it will be your angels or guides, probably because this is linked to your soul purpose in this life. Some students have compared this to University/College level material.

NB: ATLANTEAN EMERALD TABLE INITIATIONS: My most advanced Mystery School Workshop. Guided by Hermes Trismegistus, Pistis Sophia and many other angels - 36 in all - teaching you how to become a multi-dimensional/Time/Space and Star Gate Tool of Angel Healing & Alchemy for All

The next Initiation Workshop will be in Spring 2017, further information later this year when those qualified can book it.